Hey guys

Hey guys.

Does anyone​ have their rear fender taken off at the moment?

I'd like to know if the wheel sits centered inline with the mud guard towards the engine, and possibly between the fender struts too.

My wheel is off centre by 6mm to the right relative to everything else that you would think was meant to be centered. I had a small accident last fall where a car pushed me into the ditch pretty roughly, and I suspect that the swing arm may have been bent a little at that incident so that the wheel shifted sideways. My insurance won't fix it, and say that it is supposed to be like that..

I don't believe them.

I'm building a custom rear fender at the moment, and it really shows from behind..

Any help is appreciated. Thanks​!

  • The belt and pulleys should align. The center of the wheel should align with the center of the frame to the front wheel. There is an offset at the fender mount, pulley side, to allow the rear fender to align with the frame of the bike.

  • So you're saying that the wheel is closer to the right side fender mount / strut?

    And is the mud guard in the center of the frame?

  • Thanks

  • Don't know if this view helps. Seems well centred

  • Could you maybe take a straight piece of wood or metal, hold it against the side of the wheel and up against the fender strut and mark with a pen where the fender strut touches.. on each side of the wheel. Is that distance from rim to strut different from one side to the other? And how much is the difference?

    That would help me a lot, mate

  • That pic is a year old. However I did check for alignment which was perfect to the fender supports. With my tire it was centred and square to the inner mud guard also

  • I knew it! Thanks, Art! I'll see if I can square the swing arm :-)

  • I believe Shane Medlin had a spare swingarm he was attempting to unload some time ago. I'd check with him to see if he still has it.

  • I do. I was supposed to send it to someone, but forgot all about it. It's just sitting up in the attic (I think)

  • Rasmus Tychsen what is the alignment like pulley to pulley

  • Art, not good. I have to loosen the right adjustment nut about 4mm for the belt to move away from the left side wall of the rear pulley. I haven't checked with a straight edge, but it seems far off as with the wheel it self.

  • Doesn't sound good. As to trying to straighten or resquare your swingarm it will be easier to replace it. It is so small with short tubes you will need a fram rack and a really really good tech to get it right. Even then it may be weakened and go out again

  • I think you're right.. I sent Shane Medlin a pm, hopefully he responds

  • Ther are a couple on on ebay