Hey guys


Hey guys

just wondering if anybody can provide a good mechanical explanation for my own peace of mind with regards to the frequently talked about rear differential chattering noise that our machines are known to make. as you all know my last T Rex had a horrible rattle that Kawasaki finally realized and issued me a replacement machine as a result.

my new T Rex is running great and I am very happy at this point with everything!! however I still hear the same chattering in the rear differential as before but not nearly as bad or loud. one thing that I notice is my T Rex sounds awesome for the first 10 minutes of every ride and from that point forward once its warmed up, that chattering noise will come back and stay for the rest of the ride. I just wish it sounded the way it does when its cold all the time. I'm just trying to learn and understand from a mechanical standpoint what is actually happening in the rear that causes this noise?

I'm not trying to complain about it or beat a dead horse but I just want to understand what exactly is happening and why that sound is present by design?

Thanks guys!!


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  • Yes straight cut gears have a flat profile and mesh all at once vs a curved gear that will contact at one end and arc into full mesh.

    So there will be a kind of slapping sound when the gears contact.

  • Now if all trex were made the same wouldn't you think that ALL should do the same thing? Why do you think it is hit or miss? I got a guy I talk to that swears his runs as soothe and tight as any thing he ever drove...I wish I could hear his...cuz if kawasaki is putting out some that are perfect and some that are not.... Than I want a perfect one for 12k$! I can certainly live with mine but I expect when you but quality name brand stuff that you get the quality they sell you!

  • Some people just can't hear things like that! Ir choose not too! It's kinda like all these deisel guys saying they get 25mpg!

  • If my machine didn't make the chatter I would think it's the best thing I've ever bought! I love it, but every time I ride I focus on that noise and it pisses me off every time

  • Lol get a stereo and crank it up...problem solved!

  • Chris Smith everybody has different standards. :-) what sounds rough to you may be music to someone else's ears. :-) They are like anything else that is made by humans. There are sounds on mine that I wish it didn't make, but I feel it's still the best quality out there, and from what I am told the Teryx is a sound machine compared to the rattle box RZR as I have heard others say. I am new to Kawasaki, and I made my purchase based on countless hours of videos and reading of the customer reviews. I honestly think you got the best machine on the market.

  • Denny Hall I agree.... Trust me I spent two years making my decision with the teryx... And there is no doubting that they are a beast of a machine! In my eyes the machine is perfect minus that F'n rattle... It's just me I guess... It just makes me paranoid and every one that rides with me says" what's that noise" Then I gotta start trying to explain it.lol... I hate that!

  • I totally understand where your coming from. You may just have to tell your passengers that it's the turbo spooling up, or you have rocks all up in your plates from hauling other sxs out of the woods. :-)

  • Lol, I hear ya!--ride on!

  • 3 year warranty just drive it, 5500 miles on my old 2010 when I sold it, 1800 miles in 10 months on my 2014