Hey got a poorly C1 I was riding her tonight and she started coughing and...


Hey got a poorly C1, I was riding her tonight and she started coughing and spluttering then died on me, wouldn't even bump off, (plenty of fresh shell Vpower in the tank, about half full), then 15/20 minutes later I could bump her off, (oh battery's just started not holding a charge properly the other day), then got so far again and she coughed spluttered and died 14/20 mins later could bump her again etc etc for another two times before I managed too get her home

Any ideas please

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  • fuel pump no pumping

  • Fuels pumping fella, the way she's dying leaning towards electrical

  • Not charging then. knackered battery would keep going once it's going

  • I've just got an alternator off the eBay (opposite issue), around £40 or so.

  • Remember when I txt ya from the side of the A2 it was coz of a flat battery and intermittent charging

  • Yea sounds like fuel filter also check air filter and spark plugs

  • It's not fuel buddy it's killing her too quick for fuel

  • If the batt not charging maybe you need to adjust the timing to make rpm run higher so the alternator can charge the batt just incase its not the alternator

  • The battery's goosed but I knew that when I bought her I had that checked and its pumping out just above 12v when full charged I'd expect too see a little more, put the battery on and managed to get her fired up and tested the battery while she's running and it was reading around 11.4 volts

    So need now to take a closer look at alternator too:(

  • The tick over is good buddy, I've narrowed it down too both alternator and battery

    I knew about battery when I bought her but that's not pumping out enough volts fully charged and when running on tick over she only pumping out 11.4 volts

    Sooo need to get alternator looked at

  • Whats your rpms running on idle as i know some alternators some need to run on 1000 or 1100 rpms to run the alternators to put more power in my does set at 1100 to give full volts at 14 watts before i turn up the timer the rpms where 900 and got 11.8 watts just something else to check if tge rpms or low

  • She's running around 1150rpm for tick over buddy