Hey Folks

Hey Folks . . .

Anybody got a 800 Drifter torn down??? I need to look at the right side of a swing arm to see about where I need to bend my fender stay brace back to.



  • Hey buddy

    I do but can't get to the garage till next weekend

    Lmk if you still need it by then

  • Thanks, Bro.!

  • I'll post some tomorrow. I've got it broke down for paint and new tires.

  • Hey Charlie, I can't help with a photo, but there is a site called Bike bandit where you can look up Exploded Views of the entire bikes that you are working on...under OEM Parts. Very handy

  • Thanks James! I need a pic of the right side of the swing arm, like standing over the rear tire and looking down at the fender stay bolt part of the swing arm right above the axle. Man, I really appreciate it bro! Here's a pic.

  • Thanks, Michael Tychoniak

  • Are the relays the same in an 800 as the 1500

  • Straight down shot

  • Looks like 1/8 inch gap

  • Hope these help. If not let me know... I'll put the wheel back on and take some more.

  • The easiest and most certain way to get an answer to questions like this is to consult the parts lists. There a lot of suppliers that put these online. I use this one: http://www.cmsnl.com/kawasaki- 2002-vn800-e2-vulcan-800-drift er_model15614/partslist/

  • James, Sorry it took so long to get back with you bro. I really appreciate your help! I've almost got her back up!