Hey Folks


Hey Folks!

I just gotta know WHY are Drifters selling so cheap? Too cheap!

I've always been a Die-hard Harley fanatic . . . Until I bought a Drifter!!!

I know these bikes are rare and I know money is tight for many of us.

But, I don't understand WHY people are selling these awesome bikes for next to nothing. Please enlighten me!



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  • Keep me out of Hillary's and Trump's camp. I won't support either but won't wish misfortune to whomever gets in the office.

  • your not going to vote sorry Miki your vote is needed. It's your obligation to do so. So hold your nose and do it for the good of the country and your an Ameican.

  • Patrick, I didn't say I didn't want a response. I stated my case and if you have a better one against what I said then say it. This was a discussing about the Vulcan Drifter value, until someone ignorant said he can't sell his bike because of the president.

  • Well we know that was a ridiculous statement. He got Kawasaki Pricing value confused with the National Debt that's all.

  • Miki, as soon as you told him how how ignorant he is you stated that the prior owner of your bike could not sell his because of the president at the time. Once again, nice.

  • I said that to show him how stupid his statement is. That means my statement would be true. Which it clearly isn't. Patrick I can tell you have nothing intelligent to say, except entice a response without any information to move the discussion along.

  • Gentlemen, this is a page for people interested in Drifters. Can we please stop the political stuff.

  • Did you know that Donald Trump has a 99 1500 Gooseberry in his Motorcycle collection?

  • I made an educated, totally unbiased financial statement that did not favor either candidate over the other. I also did not say that the price of Drifters e-x-c-l-u-s-i-v-e-l-y would go up. That being said, there's good reason to expect Drifters to appreciate more than most other collectible bikes. The reasoning is simple. They're affordable, and when you pull up at a light next to a Harley everyone looks at you. "There ( spl. ) never going to be worth much..." because they're "Kawasaki Vulcans with Indian fenders..." Really??? Never? Remember that only 10-20 years ago, the Toyota 200GT was dirt cheap, and looked down upon because of it's breeding. Now they're $1M+

  • Is your bike still for sale?