Hey fellas. just picked up my 2015 kawasaki Teryx. 2 seater. in camo last night


Hey fellas.... just picked up my 2015 kawasaki Teryx (2 seater) in camo last night. Brought it home and unloaded it ....drove it down the farm road and there was a God awful rattling coming from what sounds like the gear box or clutch... could not pin point it after hours of looking.... sounds like a coffee can filled with sockets rattling around and LOUD... secondly my drive shaft is sloppy and makes a terrible clunking sound when you accelerate and de-cellerate... my machine has 3 miles on it and its back in the shop... they told me its definitely internal and could be 3-4 weeks to fix....

What's your thoughts on this? Anyone have any similar issues or experiences?

Thanks for your feed back.

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  • Well fellas, Kawasaki after seeing my videos offered a full refund and machine swap with a new one..Finally!!! They even apologized and called the other dealer to apologize as they completely misdiagnosed and assumed it was simply nothing.

  • Good job, Chris. Way to stick to your guns.

  • Awesome!!! Glad you got it lined out. I was hoping that Kawasaki would come through, they were really letting me down hearing your story.

  • I'm glad they finally did the RIGHT thing, I do wish they would have not put me such suffering to get it, but lets all hope the new one will be a good one!!! I certainly could not go thru this again

  • That's good to hear. Congrats, hope the new one is trouble free. One for the little guy.

  • Ride on!!!!

  • Good the hear man! Be glad it's not a Polaris! They would NEVER do that!

  • Good luck Chris Smith

  • Chris I wish you the best of luck!

  • I thank he got a new one

  • yea i just noticed. Mine runs beautiful. I have to admit that I've not done the recall yet because there is always stuff going on but I will be soon. I've had no problems with my 2014 T4 LE. Mine is all stock haha. I don't have money for mods but its cool to see all of these cool T-Rex's!