Hey everyone just letting you all know that it looks like my days on a drifter...

Hey everyone....just letting you all know that it looks like my days on a drifter are coming to a possible end. Not sure why, but riding my 99 Drifter is putting me into terrible back and leg pains and for some reason a half hour ride makes my chest and stomach mucles hurt like I started working out at gym. Little scared about that cause this is new for me with chest muscle pains. I did sell one Drifter yesterday to a guy in NY. I also just posted my present 99 on ebay with 5,100 miles on her. Have a few other Drifter parts on there. Now some of you were looking for a BACKREST. Have a Fire & Steel one on there now as a Package deal with luggage rack, another new pad and backrest and a huge Tourmaster sissy bar bag. Any one need a front factory drilled rotor of a Classic? Have my eyes on a Victory Cross Country Tour!!!

  • I'm sorry chief. Hope you find something comfortable to ride. We're not too far away, so hope we can ride sometime. As soon as I put my bike back together.

  • I am looking for s solo seat rail snd fender rack...got any one of those laying around?

  • Sorry here about the pain brother. Hope a new set if wheels does the trick. What are you asking for the backrest/combo? Do you have pics?

  • Never had solo anything......just 2up.

  • check out auction on ebay under Fire & Steel backrest Drifter 1500.

  • Man...that's pricey

  • Shawn Holderman The F&S backrests have been selling for $400+in any condition

  • Hope you get settled in.Brother !!!!!

  • Hope so too....need my last Drifter and all parts sold so I can move on to a Victory.

  • Victory is a good bike !!!

  • Get rid of your ape hangers and get your hands and arms down below your heart. That and your riding posture will be improved without reaching for the stars everytime you ride brother.

  • Apes are extremely comfortable for me and my arms and posture feels much better. I have been hurting on my 99 with Factory bars...

  • Interested in the backrest and rack if you still have you can pm me nick cherevas

  • Sold a week ago on ebay for 4 and a quarter

  • I find that a motocross kidney belt helps me a Lo

  • I am sure it would help me too, but not with the rest of the pains elsewhere. Trying to find a deal this week on a Victory Dresser!!!

  • helps me a lot on longer rides. Less soreness on day after a all day ride, probably couldn't do multi-day rides at all w/o. As others have said, lose the apes& dont use forwards.

  • To tell you the truth, I lost the apes 1.5 years ago and last 2600 miles have been with OEM bars on 1500. The 18" apes were actually much more comfortable in town and especially long trips, and was in sooooooooo much less pain using the apes. It's these factory bars that are causing me the pains. Plus I miss handshifting. Don't matter now cause last drifter going up for sale in a few days and looking forward to a Victory Cross Country Tour!!!!

  • Nick, Brother . . . Get your ass to a doctor and get yourself checked out. I just finally got out of the hospital after a heart attack with a quadruple bypass. It's been pure Hell, but I'm alive. I never had any warnings at all. All I know, is I was hurting all of a sudden and on a helicopter within minutes. Get checked out bro!!! If nothing is wrong, that's a beautiful thing . . . But get yourself looked at. . . Please!

  • I've been soo going to doctors and Cardiologist. Been checked over and over. Have to lose weight....bottom line. Pains were real bad on the Drifter.....on the Victory, pains are gone for the most part.

  • Good deal!!! You can ace weight loss. Glad to hear you've been checked out bro. I've been fighting a Hell of a fight since the heart attack. Stay healthy brother.

  • A-Fib and severe panic disorder since 98. Got issues there and with pains from getting rear-ended...sucks getting older, but got to do what we must to live longer