Hey everyone I m looking to possibly buy another V2K Preferably in Washington...

Hey everyone!!! I'm looking to possibly buy another V2K. Preferably in Washington State, Idaho or Oregon. I need a second bike to have something to ride in the summer when I visit. If you have one for sale or know of one, send me a PM. Happy Memorial Day to all.

  • I have an 06 Limited with just under 6700 miles on it but I'm in Florida.

  • Hmmmm....PM me with a price. I may take the one I have here to Wa State.

  • There is one in the Wenatchee Craiglist for 5K.

  • Cool...thanks. I'll look at it

  • Taken this morning. 5/24/15

  • north carolina, make offer........

  • Raphael Randolph Can you give me some details? Mileage, upgrades, year..etc

  • All stock 2004, OEM paint, warranty on pully, 16k miles, oil changes every three k miles

  • $5000

  • Looks like you have some options David West