Hey anyone run the Avon AV72 Cobra on their V2k rear What kind of mileage can...

Hey anyone run the Avon AV72 Cobra on their V2k rear? What kind of mileage can you get? I see one online review claim 12000 miles to the wear bars.

While that could be true, he might not ride as hard as hard and really put the torque to the pavement like I do. I have only re-shoed my girl with the Bridgestone Battleaxe and 6-7 k is max. I have no desire to go to the darkside


  • No, how do the avons corner?

  • They do run longer. There is 7 mm tread depth as compared to 4 or 5.

  • If you want mileage, the only option is darkside for this beast. No real downside of switching, people still scrape pegs around corners, lot more mileage, cheaper by half, more traction on any surface, more braking on any surface.

  • I like em..cornered good and wore pretty good

  • I second darkside only way. After this front only lasting 6000 i am going double darkside. Been up and down the dragon, snake, blue ridge, one up and two up in the rain corners like its in rails. Look at the general altimax XPs got 22000 on this one just now get to the wear strip for only $90 you do the math.

  • I have a Bridgestone Exedra Max on my rear w/ nearly 5k on it and will make a trip to the Florida keys on it, as it still has plenty o tread left before the wear bars are even close.

  • I'm looking forward to hearing how the Avons fare in comparison. I ride as long, and as far as I can during riding season, to see friends and family, while I still can.

  • Just change my rear last year with 14500 miles on it. Put another Avon back on. Still going on the front tire. I'm 160lbs and mostly highway miles.

  • Like the Cobras, get 10,000 to 12,000. Had many of them. 2006 just turned 80,000.

  • Thanks for all the feedback