here you go thom with the lights on Not finished putting everything back...


here you go thom, with the lights on. Not finished putting everything back together yet. But.. after thinking it over, I think I got the wrong license plate. I think I should have gotten on that said.. "NASTY"

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  • Nice work Shane God Bless You my Texas Brother ,, You going to any Ralley's or runs here in Texas ?

  • WOW!

  • Perfect...I got a long polishing winter ahead of me !!

  • Very KOOL MEANIE is the discription

  • Beautiful!

  • @Ray Wrinkle, I live about 15 min from Galv, so I make the lone star rally every year...

  • Shane did U paint the coil cover urself or did U buy the black one?

  • It just looks black cause the time of the picture is getting toward eve and the bike is in the shade. The paint is a totally different color in sunlight, the metallic paint and the pearls come to life then.

  • WOW, that coil cover looks black as night! amazing how sunlight & shade can play with ur

  • Look's like a real Gun Slinger Shane, a Real Texas Scooter , I bet You win a Bunch of contest with it ! Nice Work