Here s something for you lovely lasses fellas to help me with I m looking for a...


Here's something for you lovely lasses & fellas to help me with, I'm looking for a feminine outfit to wear that shouts 1960's/70's but I've got to be able to ride my W wearing it. If you have any ideas on clothing/footwear/jewellery etc. of the era I'd be pleased to see pictures so I can try and copy it. :0)

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  • Yep! Girls wore the same as far as I "soberly" can recall :-P Not many girls rode a bike themselves, but biker clothing was rather "unisex", at least when she went steady with a bike(r) :-D

  • I have been looking at hippie halter tops, crocheted….should be pretty easy to copy. Get the lace up boots, I've some tan jeans & long hair (My own - not a wig) , open faced helmet and a Green Triumph Armoured jacket which has a 60's feel to it. Groovy Baby… but then again I could change my mind. :0)

  • By the way a huge Thank you for the ideas & pictures, love seeing them. x

  • A very dedicated bunch here, you will agree ;)

  • oh yes, you're all lovely! :0)

  • Here's one 1970's biker chick style I'll not be copying….sorry Nan.

  • :)

  • Hot.

  • ha….ha… my Nan would have loved you. :0)