Here s my latest Kawasaki Not particularly old skool but 19 years old kool I...


Here's my latest Kawasaki. Not particularly old skool, but 19 years-old-kool I reckon

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  • Fully restored,

  • No, just not been used much. Needs some cosmetic attention.

  • Looking at that I can see one nick and that may be looks very nice

  • Yeah there are chips at the rear and the grabrails are scratched (normal), lots of paint coming off the rear wheel, some marks on the frame (lh side) and minor scuffs here and there.

  • Wouldn't say...paint on swing arm is flaking on mine now and I found that they don't like huggers 2 I've gone through with stone chips....luck for u u got grab before me took them off and 'lost' can u loses them.

  • Doh!

  • Looking good to me :)