Here s my KDX 450

Here's my KDX 450.

  • I'd think the title would say if it wasn't street legal.

  • Hang on to it, the 450 was only made in 82. Then discontinued. 80/81 were 420s. And if you think pistons are hard to come by, try finding the gucci bag from the rear fender. :-)

  • I know! I'm trying my hardest to keep the beast alive. Not only is it a rare and cool bike. Its a blast to ride. I wish it had all the original plastics, but i do have the bag! Since this pic was taken it been completely torn down and cleaned. I don't think I'll do a full restoration. Its too much fun. I plan on riding the crap out of it. I'll make sure to keep it running top notch.

  • Did not restore my 86 200 either. Just wanted it solid ,dependable. In pretty good condition for a 86. Did top and bottom end, waiting on shock.

  • Whats a piston worth Jon Maass ? Thet would'nt have made just one, would they ?

  • I tracked down someone that was having a group of 10 of them made. It wasn't cheap... $220... Although it does look pretty. Haha. I had been searching everyday for a good six months for one. Ebay and other sites. So they are pretty hard to come by. Oh, and about I week after I received my new Wiseco piston. One popped up on eBay. Haha! So I bought that as well. Geoff Davis

  • l dont need a piston today but l havn't ridden my 450 much yet either. v=_Ysti0iUkkk

  • Wow. Very nice job on the restoration! I'm looking for the original rear fender like yours and the headlight plastic. Also I never had the stock exhaust which I'm sure are also impossible to find, so I'll prob just throw an FMF q pipe on her. Also since I plan on riding it a lot. I'm looking to swap out the front end for disc brake. Do you know what other KDX or KX front ends will bolt on. Or have the same fork tube o.d.?

  • Thanks Jon. The rear guard is Stilmotor, very hard to find a quality rear enduro guard (fender) in green. Same with the headlight plastic, unfortunately. With the disc front end, l have a kdx200 lower clamp (for the headlight mount) and 450 upper so it should be very straight forward that a set of '86 '87 kdx 200 clamps will fit straight into the 450 headstem and then you can fit the 200's 43mm forks and front disc.

  • Awesome! Thanks that helps a lot! Saves me the hastle of buying parts and hoping they work. If you ever need a piston for the 450 I still have the email of the guy i purchased mine from.