Here s my dilemma I m 5 5 about 170ish lbs and I just got my Brock s package...

Here's my dilemma, I'm 5'5" about 170ish lbs and I just got my Brock's package for my Gen2...I want to lower my bike basically as low as I can get it, I would like for my feet to be pretty secured on the ground! I understand the whole "you can't go over speed bumps and watch out for the railroad tracks" I only take my bike out to do street riding once or twice a week for a couple of hours. I really like how low the bike is (in the pic) do y'all think this is too low, I'm SWB too..

  • I'm 5-6 and feet set flush

  • How low is yours Freddie?

  • If u go low u better look into get a under tail

  • Mine was lower but had to raise it up a little rubbed through undertail plastic

  • Okay cool, that's about how low they're suppose to do mines

  • It will rub some when cornering if you like curves!

  • Cool thanks bro

  • Go into Brocks Diaries on his Website and there's a WEALTH of knowledge and test results.