Here s a teaser of a 650r pipe. There s two versions in process

Here's a teaser of a 650r pipe. There's two versions in process.

  • Oh I very like.. Are you gonna make just this one?

  • not. im going to make one of each the customer can decide which sound they like. ill be producing a few at a time. those that pay early will get first dibs. which ever are more popular stay in production

  • How much you thinking?

  • im trying to stay I the 250-300 range. depends what I can get the power coating done for. I used to get it done cheap. but he closed up shop.on the hunt for deals

  • Look forward to the videos

  • im looking forward to making the 650r's sound like a motorcycle lol. and the world will be LOUD..

  • A man of many talents Mike :-D

  • I have one version done.. very loud. "thumper for sure". working on a quieter version for those who don't want or cant have loud. did gain 4 hp on the dyno after tuning(pc3 usb)

  • just wish I tuned the stock bike to find highest power first

  • I'll post a new thread to show where its at. Location is great. Tail ending looks sick. Just to tune noise down now.