• Here is a question. How do we convince Kawasaki to resurrect the V2K beast

    Here is a question. How do we convince Kawasaki to resurrect the V2K beast. But this time with a full touring package option? Bare Carr do you have any ideas?

    • speculation from the international bike show in phx is that there might be a 2000CC in the voyager in 3 to 4 years.

    • Stewart Pittman I hope you are right!

    • Do you think it will be the V2K platform? Or a mod to the 1700 desigb?

    • I have heard that for years

    • Hell most of you v2 k owners can barely pick the bike off its stand, let alone want a thousand pound bike?

    • I'm ok with it being a limited production run. Otherwise I'd have a Harley. Plus I guess I like a good challenge and project modifying it.

    • The v2k isn't hard at all to pick up off its stand. And you do realize it weighs almost a thousand lbs anyway right?

    • 843 lbs dry, I own a 2004 I wanted a retro to have wind in my face, durability, ease of operation and maintenance , bags are all that's on my mule

    • I find your statement absolutely hilarious! I'm 21 and have had my V2k for 2 years now and I've never had a problem picking mine up!

    • Not likely to ever happen.

    • Its not going to happen. When I bought mine I was told they're hard to sell. Too big, too powerful they freak people out and they trade them in real quick for something smaller.

    • I think the key thing is, Don't drop it in the 1st place. LOL

    • I was told the same, forget the idea