Help please New to the ZZR1100 D Im looking for 4 luggage clips and have been...

Help please. New to the ZZR1100 D. Im looking for 4 luggage clips and have been told they are quite hard to get.

What other parts for the ZZR would you say are ' HARD TO FIND ' parts that I should be looking out for.

Quite a few getting broken across here Spain so wouldnt mind collecting now .

Im sure Im going to have this bike a long time :)

Thank in advance Sinky

  • the Chineese fairing parts on Ebay are not all bad.

  • Hoe is het Martin? uit het ziekenhuis?

  • Sinds dinsdag gelukkig.en nu dinsdag hoor ik wat er verder gaat gebeuren

  • Join this page Paul. It's a site created by our guys for our guys. Worth a look

  • Broke a dozen D's last year, top sellers, in no particular order, plastic all of it except rear panels, oil cooler, exhaust (any), shock, carbs, unrestricted carb tops, luggage clips, front and rear calipers, but every single nut and bolt sells

  • Oh except for seats, I chop them up and use them for packing, airboxes I burn November 5th

  • unrestricted carb tops are for slower D's right?

  • I just break them, I couldn't possibly comment

  • As others have said, John is 1st stop, if he hasn't got it then try elsewhere

  • Very kind Kevin, but I'm seeing less of them year after year, C's especially, it's even financially viable to restore them now

  • Remember the day when I could read these posts lol, English pleèeeeeeese

  • Ah ...sorry mine translates auto lol. Try right click and translate?

  • Lemmy Guy welcome to come onto a track day with me at cadwell..;)I'm

    About ten mjns away! Cmon, walk the walk lol