We had a good few days here in Mid Michigan, so I got the 7r out. I have discovered some issues and would like to know if anyone has any idea what is causing them.

What is happening is I cant get the bike up over 65 really, its jerky, kinda sputtery, and after 2nd gear there is like 0 throttle response, even with it wide open. It doesnt climb, and almost bogs down, but idles fine and it revs fine if I just have it sitting there.

So first gear is fine, I get an occasional sputter or flat spot

second gear is the same as first except for when I get it over 45. It gets real sputtery and jerky. Its just not smooth at all.

third gear i can hold maybe at around 65. I pushed it to 75 but it barley got there and didnt stay for long.

forth and fifth gear wont even go above 50, its just so boggy.

I thought maybe it wasnt getting enough fuel so I changed the fuel filter, put a fresh tank of 93 in it with an additive.

Before I take the carbs off and clean the carbs, are there any other suggestions? I was thinking maybe a fuel pump?

any help is appreciated!

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  • flooding and fouling the plugs. turn the fuel off when your not riding and turn the fuel off while the bike idles before shutting it down. you need to replace float bowl gaskets and potentialy sink the carbs

  • Carb vents hooked up properly?

  • How so? And where are they located on the carbs?

  • What year?

  • 96 p1

  • Hose that goes forward toward front needs to be connected to air box. If they aren't connected, bike will do what you are describing.