Help needed please my c3 kawasaki wont start and there is just a real quick...

Help needed please. my c3 kawasaki wont start and there is just a real quick clicking I have ordered a new solenoid and hope this works. i bypassed the selenoid but motor just turns over very weakly. Had enough of shit now as my car had packed up today so has my my oximiser 601 trickle charger. any suggestions. thanks. tony crofts.

  • I think it's the battery. New batteries can be duds.Get it checked or changed

  • Battery been on full charge now for a day and only shows 10 vaults. i will have to get a new one i think. What i cant understand i have been through 3 oximisers in a year. dont know wether this gives any clues. Cheers for suggestions mates. BTW have new starter selinoid coming so will fit this any way. cheers.

  • Good luck tony, let me know how it goes please :)

  • yeh certainly lee. sucks as i am well enough now to get out on her

  • Plenty of warm days yet bud

  • yes mate but hate the hot days in my full leathers. can feel the sweat running down my back even with one of those full keep cool suits.

  • I have heard of loads of problems with so called intelligent chargers. I prefer a trickle charger or a limited current charger.

  • sounds like a knackered battery. just because it says 12v doesn't mean anything. 12 hours unplugged whats the voltage read out off the battery?

    if your battery charger isn't working either...

  • And I got my main charger from Lidls. only does it slow but I've never had a problem

  • Ignore me I just saw the previous post. are you parking on a ley line or near a strong magnet?