Help needed


Help needed

My babe at about 2000miles on the clock start to develop strange judder when braking, its OK when I brake at speed but problem comes below 20mph and the whole front gets into vibration but when I do couple of sharp stops it seems to relieve for a short time. Its still under manufacturers warranty but wondering if someone had similar case???

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  • Could be warped discs probably best to take it back and get them to have a look if its under warranty no harm in getting them to check especially if you get free new discs ;-)

  • If it only does it at slow speeds it's likely to be your head race Bearings need adjusting. If it was your discs it would happen at all speeds.

    To check you need to get the front wheel off the ground so it hangs free and push and pull your fork legs back a forward you will feel them move ....they shouldn't . Good luck

  • Forgot about them as this is quite possible as when rock the baike forward every now and then it does knock

  • Think that will be the issue. It's a easy fix but needs to be done professionally as if you over tighten you will do even more damage. Plus I think you need special tools. As it under warranty leave it to you dealer. Let us know how you get on?