Help. my 09 will not crank. New battery makes a clicking sound go

netboard 09 will not crank. New battery, makes a clicking sound, go!

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  • Spark plugs?

  • Leilson Lima make sure the spark plug fluid is topped off as well. If it gets too low it may not turn over

  • Put the fluid that came with it in and charge.

  • Justin Chapman #mechanicoftheday

  • Not that type of battery

  • Im teasing honestly. Just what came to mind. I have seen people make that mistake.

  • What voltage should be present at battery when bike is running.

  • 12-13

  • Thanks bro

  • 12.4 @ 4krpm. ? Bad rectifier? Bad alternator?

  • Jumped it, tried but not able to turn over. Will check in accordance with attached pictures. More to come.

  • Thanks again.

  • Followed instructions for checking alternator, double checked it per instructions. 0vdc on white leads.

  • Oooh !!!

  • 14vac@ 4krpm..

  • Stator coil resistance readings range from 1.1- 0.7 ohms. Well shit!!

  • Big $

  • Thanks for all the help

  • Possible coil problem too.. check battery voltage before and after key turning

  • Yeah i didn't read through all comments before posting. My bad. Just got mine replaced last month