Hello to all I would want to install settle a caravan coupling on my VN2000...

Hello to all, I would want to install(settle) a caravan coupling on my VN2000, if somebody has photos or explanation on this installation, thank you in advance.

Bonjour à tous, je voudrais installer un crochet d'attelage sur mon VN2000, si quelqu'un a des photos ou explication sur cette installation, merci d'avance.

  • Do you mean a hitch

  • I think "YES" ...

  • Jim Rose do you have any good photos from different angles of your tow hitch??? That you can post for Dan...

  • Jim Rose how is your Bike running ??? Good I hope...

  • I removed the hitch to make room for the Corbin bags. Bolted to the sides using the stock eyebrow location...

  • So you have no hitch now ??? Is it going back on at some point??? Rod Pimentel you know what I'm getting at ???

  • Hitch stayed behind in Texas. Just moved to Florida.

  • Rod Pimentel you are not making this easy on me are you ??? Mari already likes the idea about a camper to pull. Need that hitch first... LOL

  • I will send pictures in a couple minutes. Yes she is running like a freaking raped ape

  • I will post a picture or two right here. I don't know Dan is and I didn't see any posts from him , but of course

  • Here you go Mike and Dan

  • The hitch wasn't a problem with with the car tire Rod? I have a 205 size darkside

  • The denray hidden hitch works with darkside if you do a bit of grinding. One bolt on mine touches the tore aleetle bit with a full load and bad bumps but mot enough to concern me

  • Damn i cant spell good

  • I have a hitch like jims for sale however the shipping to you guys south of me will be more than the hitch is worth

  • I love my hitch ; i'm never taking it off

  • Steve, the darkside tire was fine, it's what I have in the picture. The Corbin Beetle bags did not like to share mounting.

  • I figured the bolts would be close to rubbing for sure, it seems really tight, I was worried about my bag bolts even.

  • Art Wilton have to ask where do you live/ near what big city or town or continent lol ?? Canada ???

  • Art Mari might be able to send you a UPS slip. Let our company pay for it lol. Jim and I both have 06-2K same Bike... Same sweet Color not that sissy Color that Steve Miller has... Hahaha

  • Hell Jim Rose I love your Bike too...

  • Are you sure your 06 can haul a trailer being that it isn't as powerful as our 04 models?

  • And of course green is the strongest colour

  • We may be able to work something out mike. Which part of Merica are you in

  • Glad I'm wearing my boots...

  • Art Wilton I sent you a pm...

  • Art Wilton, read the message I sent you, please...

  • Slow down mike. Its a holiday here and i cant see at this point cause i spent the day here

  • No message has come through. Try( close your eyes everybody but mike) artwilton9@gmail .com

  • Art Wilton no problem... Talk later...

  • Email me at my personal

  • An operator is standing by

  • Art Wilton tomorrow ... No rush...