Hello ppl I have Kawasaki z750 2005 model and i wanna change oil But i need...


Hello ppl...I have Kawasaki z750 2005 model,and i wanna change oil...But i need some help with:What type of oil-Brand-and how many litre need!!

%d comments
  • 15-50 its ok ?

  • 10-40

  • ok Motul 10-40+oil filter i need about 4.5 lit to put around there gauys ?

  • Thnx everyone :D

  • Yep..or as danny says look on your clutch cover

  • Haha Ye on the engine not in it mite not be able to see it haha

  • on my engine says without remove filter need 3.1 L with filter changed 3.3L and something else that i didnt understand 3.8 L :D

  • Buy 4L to be safe..always good to have some spare to top up with

  • 3,3l without oilfilter.

  • 3.7 with filter