Hello Ninja riders even Ninjas have to see in the rain right We were fed up...

Hello Ninja riders, even Ninjas have to see in the rain, right. We were fed up not being able to see riding in the rain, drizzle so we thought something needed to be done to improve vision. This is our first working prototype. Proudly designed and made in England. Final models will have wider and adjustable wiper width. Rainpal fits every Full, Flip and Open Face visor we could find and is detachable. Rainpal is only 16mm in height by 19mm in width (0.63 by 0.75 in) and will have a wider and Adjusable Wiper Width. Please let us know your feedback, optional water jet wash and video recording via a mobile phone size lens recorded on to a Micro USB card for evidence in an accident or for general video making. We have taken several hundred Pre Orders and people ordering now will have nothing more to pay and be amongst the first in the world to get a Rainpal. For the convenience of our global market customers local languages and local currencies are shown USD, GBP, Euro, JPY, etc Shipping globally later this year. For answers to commonly asked questions please see - https://rainpal.zendesk.com/hc /en-us and general information is at www.rainpal.co.uk

  • That would have been nice while riding out last year when we got caught in a major rainfall Better the using your gloves I want one for sure