Hello ladies and gent s


Hello ladies and gent's :)

I'm in need of some advice.

I recently purchased my 2014 zx14r and I'm looking to get as much HP out of it as possible.

I'm 6"4 340 pounds. ( I'm side by side with gsxr 1000's )

I purchased a full exhaust from brocks, AH2.

Now, is it worth purchasing a PC5 and having my bike dyno'd?

BMC air filter, sprockets maybe?

What would be the best setup without doing any engine work?

Thanks in advance :)

I was thinking,

BMC air filer, PC5, Sprockets, ECU flash, Dyno.

AM i missing anything?

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  • There are lots of things to do, BUT, how much are you wanting to spend???

  • What is your ultimate goal? Top speed? Or quickness?

  • Money isn't really an issue.

    My ultimate goal is to make my bike as quick as possible without doing motor work brother.

  • Sprocketing it will make it quicker, but will decrease top speed. Do a quick shift kit. One down in the front and 2 up in the rear. Rotational mass will make a difference as well. Going from a 530 to a 525 conversion will give you approximately 8 lbs less of rotational mass. Could go with a set of Carrozzeria wheels. They are 5 lbs lighter in the rear and 4 lbs in the front, as far as static weight, and even more effect as rotational mass

  • But being as heavy as you are, I would stay with a 530 chain

  • You could try and go with a 190/50/17 tire instead of a 55 series profile. Smaller circumference will slightly increase quickness

  • I currently changed my front sprocket and now my bike has been choppy. Low rpms, first and second gear it's really choppy.

    This only started happening when I changed the sprocket? Think it has anything to do with the tc or abs?

    I ordered my rear sprocket last night. Pc5 and dyno maybe?

  • Schnitz Racing for ECU flash, $75. Raise Rpm's 500 or 1000. I did 1000. 2 degrees Advance on timing, speed limiter off, fans turn on at 194 degrees, secondary valves open wide up sooner, will feel a difference in first 3 gears. Get a BMC or K&N filter, use full synthetic oil, motul or Amsoil.

  • Sending my ECU in Monday.

    BMC was ordered Wednesday.

    My bike only has 2000 kms though. I heard it wasn't good to use full synthetic? My next oil change at about 5k will be full 7100 motul.

  • So you're saying pc5 isn't really needed with the ecu flash?