Hello I was just wondering my daughter has got peeling hands and feet and it s...


Hello I was just wondering my daughter has got peeling hands and feet and it's spreading to the bottom of the feet, started with the toes and now at the bottom also she started with her thumb and is now peeling in sheets all over her palms and now it's gone to her wrists and is so bad! She also had a rash a few weeks ago with one red and swollen eye, and cracked lips really bad, she's had blood tests and am waiting for results so far psoriosis excma and dermititus have been ruled out and am so worried, is this what happens with kd? I have researched a bit and scarletina was the other similarity but it doesn't meet all her symptoms over the last 6 months she is okay in herself, apart from being so nasty and rude to us all

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  • Hi Angie, poor thing she must have been feeling rubbish. So glad to hear you have a diagnosis and finally can put your mind at rest knowing she's on the mend and no heart issues, great news so happy for you!xxx

  • The only thing that concerns me is that she has had no medication and am worried as I have seen if she has no anti biotics can lead to complications still not happy as a parent due to this but am glad of the diagnosis as I now know what it is thank you Lucille xxx

  • Yes. . Fever?

  • Hi I am updating my last message on here, although Kiera had blood tests and an ECG she now has to go back as all the viral blood tests came back normal they are doing more blood tests and another ECG then if the blood tests come back normal she then will have to have a heart scan!! I am so confused as I was told it was scarlet ina !!

  • Her feet are now peeling like her hands did although her hands are back to normal

  • Sounds like they haven't ruled out Kawasaki completely, often when Kawasaki has just been a query they will follow up with a repeat ECG to be on the safe side. Aneurysms don't tend to show themselves immediately so it's important to do a follow up scan. Xxx

  • I thought that may be the case as if they knew it was what they said then that would be it! Thank you xxx

  • Hope the second scan goes well and all looks fine.xxx

  • any fevers and high temps??? Like everyone else is saying get an ECG and echo done. Quite possibly could be KD.

  • Has any of your children keep having blue around there mouths and chin also very pale?