Hello I m new to this page My son just turned four months old His fever...

Hello, I'm new to this page. My son just turned four months old. His fever started on January 19th, he was diagnosed with KD on February 7th after 19 days of fever. The only visible symptoms he had was pink eyes and a fever. They diagnosed him with KD after the cardiologist found two aneurysms in his heart. One 2.8mm and the other 3.3mm. Thursday will be his first appointment with the cardiologist since being released this past Sunday. This past week has been so overwhelming. Just looking for support, thanks.

  • Praying

  • Stay strong and hopefully!!! Our hearts and prayers are with you!

  • My daughter was also diagnosed as a baby... at 3 months. She is now 15 years old. Hugs.

  • This is my son Legend he was diagnosed at 4 months he's almost 5 months now with atypical kd. He went through two rounds of avig at our local hospital and after not working was sent over to a children's hospital 2 hours away and received 2 rounds of steroids. He was released to come home at the beginning of Feb and has been doing blood work and echos since his blood levels have went back up he still has inflammation and one of his valves is leaking the leaky valve is a unknown cause. It is scary when they are so little. If you need anything please reach out.

  • Love and Support to you and your beautiful son.It is no doubt the hardest thing we have ever had to face.My Grandson was 4 months old and just celebrated his 15th birthday on Valentine's Day.He has several aneurysms but doing great.Every day is a blessing..HuGs..

  • There is also a FB group for Kawasaki's Children with Aneurysms. Both of these groups have been very helpful. ❤

  • Prayers for you and your little one!

  • Prayers for your little one, Mistie. Just jeep your faith, he will be fine, i'm sure!

  • What a beautiful little boy! Prayers are coming your way! Hang in there.