hello guys I have an engine KX500 2003 I have to change the piston my KX500...

hello guys . I have an engine KX500 2003. I have to change the piston. my KX500 has the cylinder marked B, I went on the website of Wiseco and I saw that makes no distinction between A and B. instead Prox does the model A and B. What do you think ?? Has anyone tried the piston prox ??

  • wossner pistons all day long

  • WiseCO aren't cast junk.... Unless the cylinder absolutely needs to be bored and or honed i would not use anything cast..... The tolerances are completely different than a WiseCO piston.

  • I've got a wossner rod n piston only about 12 hrs so far I'm happy

  • wössner is the absolute number one here..just german technology ;) . prox are cast pistons not bad, useable, but not the best on the planet and now part of wiseco-company that a long time made good forged pistons till they ran in quality problems... i hope they solved it now..

  • Wossner all the way

  • Wossner pistons we don't run in our Zillas. There is a reason R&D was even thought of lol.... Same discussion with what oil, what premix to use .. Personally, synthetics are engineered so I'll stand by my fellow math wizards....

  • Wossner is always the correct answer

  • Wossner pistons don't even have a oil hole for the wrist pin . Boo

  • I asked about that to confirm what I already thought. It is not a floating pin and it does not need it.

  • So you have to press the pin in?

  • No, but that is why you have the wrist pin bearing. That is where it floats. I have also monitored it to see if there is a benefit and from what I can see it is peace of mind. Any pin that has come out that did have wear was where the wrist pin bearing runs.