Hello guys greetings from Lithuania I bought my beast this fall just upgraded...


Hello guys, greetings from Lithuania! I bought my beast this fall, just upgraded it with Vance & Hines cs one exhaust and I love it. But there is one thing that I would like to fix till the spring comes. My front suspension seems to bottom out with a hard hit when I go over a speed bump. Tried all kinds of suspension settings but that didn't solve the problem. Could have springs gotten soft over time? Will be grateful for any kind of info.

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  • Nice looking bike

  • Upgrade fork springs. I use Ktech, will improve handling as well. Much better feel and faster turn in. The front springs on gen 1 bikes are on the soft side & it shows when riding hard.

  • Just upgrade the fork springs, doesn't cost a lot to have it done.

  • Get it to MCT suspension mate

  • Upgrade the fork springs to proressive Wilbers ones with oil SAE 5W. 495 ml oil 100 mm air cushion. Cost about 135 €

  • Couldn't be more clear, thank you all!

  • There are fork springs from Öhlins for Gen1 solving the softness. You will have new bike after the change.

  • My 2 pence worth ;) Have used these Ktech on gen 1 & 2. Same springs, choose the weight. Gen 2 standard springs are ok, but had such great results with them on gen 1, I fitted again. Defo improves front end feel, turn in & handling & defo no more bottoming out on high speed bumps. :) Only £89 as well!!

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/171968413321?lpid=1 22&chn=ps&adgroupid=42305674521&rlsatarget=pla-279 049885391&adtype=pla&poi=&googleloc=1007256&device =c&campaignid=738081070&crdt=0

  • I have noticed you have your side boxes in the same colour as your bike. Where did you get them done?

  • Want mine in green

  • I bought it like this. But I think there's no problem in painting it. You just need to know the exact color code of your bike and disassemble the boxes before taking them to painter.

  • Ok no probs