Hello friends i have a question in the zxr 750 h1 the RAM AIR is conected to...

Hello friends!, i have a question. in the zxr 750 h1 the "RAM AIR" is conected to the corburators? or only finish in the tank to cool the engenie?

i bought one of this beautis, but she don´t have the aluminium pipes. and the biggest problem is that she can´t make over 90MPH ( T-T )

sorry my poor english. greatings from Chile


  • They are not connected to the carbs, they only go through the petrol tank to direct air onto the cylinder head

  • oh, thanks!

  • I have two H2s' and never had this problem so the only things i can think of is check the air filter is clean also check the inlet to the airbox is not blocked, have you checked that the bike does not have a restrictor kit fitted these are usually fitted in the rubbers between the carbs and the engine and also in the exhausts at the cylinder head hope you can get it sorted.

  • I did not know about the exhaust, i only put away the other side to check it. your tag will be very usefull, i really thanks yours words.

    if i find the problem i will post :Dl