Hello fellow zzr owners


Hello fellow zzr owners.

So, my insurance is due, and ive got a very cheap quote with mce bike insurance of £132. Anyone had any experience with them?, good or bad.

As bennets and carole nash want £481 and a then some.

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  • Nightmares when you want to claim mce are fine it's there solicitors that are utter shite

  • I never claimed. Listen to Dave lol - let's face it cheap is great but if you have an accident it is more important that they sort the claim appropriately!

  • Personally having listened and learned after the fact I would now not use any insurance appointed solicitors but in the case of a claim id use a motorcycle specialist firm so by all means have your insurance from the cheapest but use a proper firm for your claim should you need to

  • Absolutely crap when u want to make any changes and charge a fortune each time as well... I will definitely be looking elsewhere when my insurance is due for renewal!

  • Ive been wiped out twice, and both times the 3rd party was with aviva. There were a nightmare to deal with, i had to chase them the 2nd time over bike repairs etc, and even got called a liar, even thought the repair company (3rd dimension), lied to them. Tried taking the hire bike back, even though i didnt have mine back, and juat crap to deal with.

    Ive dealt with them myself, as i know how the bike repair side works, and tbats dealing with a well known company. And i find the insurance companys solicitors are about as much use as a wet sponge.

    Its about £50 to make changes now, bloody joke.

    They also charge you for accidents that arent even your fault. So much so, a mates brother cant insure his bike, even though the accident wasent hia fault, thats just not right.

  • Cheapest past 3yrs, if you moan they don't charge for changes

  • not heard nothing but horror stories about MCE, wouldn't go near them

  • Same.all the insurers are great once only. When it comes to renewal they come up with some bollox why its gone up.ive got sixteen years no claims.and you know what they said."well after fours years it makes no odds" or the best one bearing in mind they have all your details which you have typed all in, they charge the famous "admin" fee wtf!

  • If you ever need to make a claim be prepared for disappointment. You get what you pay for with them, check out there reviews!!!

  • I'am still in the process of a claim, got knocked off in October, my like for like bike was a 2009 Suzuki bandit 1250 naked........LIKE FOR LIKE OK YEAH!