Hello everyone so my daughters problems are still on going her feet are still...

Hello everyone, so my daughters problems are still on going, her feet are still peeling and now she's saying they are saw and are hurting a little they look red and now she also has a bad cough, she had gone back after my last post for more blood tests and another ECG then was told that she may have to go back for a heart scan, as I said now she has a bad cough as well, one thing after another any feed back would be so appreciated!!

  • My son had an ECG and scan 6 weeks post KD, then 1 year, and his cardiologist said she will continue to do them yearly, luckily he was left with no heart complaints, but as they don't know too much about the long term, they are going to keep check, which I'm very happy about. His hands and feet continued to peel for weeks after, I assume it's different for every child. His moods and concentration were affected for well over a year, he would tire easily, his skin would get rashes, and his eyes would irritate easily, he has also suffered with child migraines since he had KD, they don't know if it's coincidence or not, he is now almost 9years old, and 17 months post KD, and I have to say he only just seems to be getting back to "normal". X

  • It's so annoying that my daughter has all these different things going on, all viral blood tests came back fine apart from she had high platlets, then they were normal ECG was fine then has now had more blood tests and another ECG, now she has a cough and tender heels and part of the feet the peeling has been going on for weeks now it's frustrating that they can't do anything for her my poor girl hasn't been right for 8/9 weeks now x

  • I'm so glad your son is now getting back to normal Hun and thank you x

  • Same as Louise

  • And she's al ways very itchy all over especially eyes not allergies....