Hello everyone I m new to the group I have few qestions if anyone could help me...


Hello everyone I'm new to the group I have few qestions if anyone could help me out it be appreciated I'm also new to the kx 500 but here is what I have I got a 87 kx500 motor needs the top end done ive had few people tell me some of the newer parts will swap and others say scrap it wich I just want to build nice everyday motor not a race motor this motor needs a new sleeve installed which is no biggie so I gona put sleeve in from la sleeve and here is where I need help the piston kit would prolly be the two ring piston which the 87 I guess only had one is that gona be a problem with port timeing also will I need to get head shaved down to run the newer style piston and again I'm just looking to get a running motor nothing fancy nor race motor I'd be interested in a top end that I could just bolt on and go if anyone has one laying around there not useing and doesn't have a need for I would prefer a stock bore cylinder that would work on my 87 thanks in advance

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  • I have one still

  • It is ready to go bolt on and ride 87 txt me my number 740 241 2785

  • I will tonight

  • I had my 87 resleeved with an 88 flat top double ring piston with no other mods and it's running fine I'm no machanic either

  • Oh ok thanks robi for info