Hello everyone I m a beginner of Z750 such lovely bike


Hello everyone, I'm a beginner of Z750 such lovely bike.

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  • very good choice :)

  • thx

  • I have 2006 year z750 but now in our country is winter :) still vaiting good weather

  • great bike Chao,welcome to the group.

  • Nice one! Enjoy it :-)

  • thanks everyone! the mine is 2009, it's very cold in Paris, cant wait to be able to go out again

  • someone could tell the me the width (diameter) of the chain for Z750 ?? Is that 2 CM?


  • I didn't know this..

  • doesn't matter bro

  • Looks good! Heres mine

  • @ Chao Wang Very good choice for a beginner, next level try a Z1000 or the new ZX 10 R