Hello everyone I am looking to add some hard cases on my 2012 versys What are...


Hello everyone, I am looking to add some hard cases on my 2012 versys. What are the best cases without breaking the bank? Looking for something that looks pretty nice as well Thanks

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  • Not to change subjects, but what tail bag are you using that I saw in your versys pic? I have a givi top rack but would like to add a tail bag instead of side cases.

  • I have the small givi ones

  • I like those, Two questions roughly how much were just the side cases and do you need to buy the mounting brackets or do the cases come with them?

  • Paid 200 for the side cases

  • Not sure mounting hardware

  • Thanks man will check them out

  • I got to the top case tour and ride and the side cases RevZilla

  • Givi is Oem. They fit a helmet wich I really love about them

  • I was looking at the Sw motech trax luggage for myself but a bit on the expensive side. Same with the givi trek ones

  • Thanks for the help guys I may end up going with these http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/givi-monokey-tr ekker-case

  • Nice, but they waterproof? I heard some issues with that.

  • Yeah they say they are mostly waterproof lol. Unless you guys have some other recommendations

  • Skunkwerks Moto and Fabrication

    Hit those guys up.

  • I think most givi's are at least water resistant. My oem cases had done well under heavy rain, no issues.

  • I rode 2000 kms in rain and snow without any issues

  • Can't beat Givi quality, especially the Monokey construction cases.

  • Kawasaki for me

  • Which is Givi. Looks great!

  • Givi V35 ftw

  • I think you got the side cases backwards?