Hello everyone after getting a little gizmo to check my battery it looks like...


Hello everyone, after getting a little gizmo to check my battery, it looks like the grey goose is overcharging. Does anyone have a good spare regulator hanging around I could get?

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  • Buy a complete used alternator with it already in off ebay cos a new regulator on it own is about £100

  • Done. £40.

    Probably easier to fit too.

    What would we all do without eBay these days.

  • I know. Had same issue myself. Almost fell through the floor when I saw how much brand new regulator cost.

  • Glad I got the gizmo, explains why my batteries haven't been lasting too long.

    I'd seen the price of new ones too and couldn't justify it.

    Good shout.

  • 3 Allen bolts 1 multi plug. Hour ish job done