• Hello everybody My name is Paul Sinclair Sinky A Scotsman living for the...

    Hello everybody. My name is Paul Sinclair ( Sinky) . A Scotsman living for the last 15year in Southern Spain. Had a few bikes in my time. The last one was a Zeph 750. I've just bought a Zzr1100 D4 1996 290000 1 owner Green. I will be picking it up in a few weeks. It's been sitting a wee while so needs a carb clean. Looking forward to it :) Cheers Sinky

    • Yeah, but it's all good stuff.

    • Good work mate, once you get her out there on the road and give it a twist, you will never stop smiling.

      Have fun.

    • I can think of worse places to ride than southern Spain. ☀️

    • Im spoiled down here I must admit.

    • welcome bud, i`m perth not that far from ur home turf..

    • Hi Kevin .Yeah Im form Embra originally

    • Where abouts in southern spain are ya Sinky i have family down there between Nerja and Almunecar

    • Just outside Fuengirola. Ill be in Nerja at 14.30 today.

    • I love them ice cream sorbets on the balcon! I might take the zed over one day ill give you a shout if i do

    • Aye . Do that