Hello all who would be interested in clubbing together and putting 1 or 2 in...


Hello all, who would be interested in clubbing together and putting £1 or £2 in each (depending on how many are interested) to unlock the photo galleries for this weekend. Thanks Paul

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  • Im happy if we have a surplus to roll it on to the next round.

  • We are in for a fiver

  • Count us in also.great idea. Scott Ogden.

  • Should be less than that each ;)

  • We're in Jordan's (17) dad.

  • Would be up for chipping in,if I'm there like,,although have to collect it early as if I been at the bar then likely to be skint

  • We are in

  • Thanks to everyone for chipping in this weekend for the photos, between us we have £34, of which £30 has been sent to John Manclark of Kent Badboyz Photography for the weekends gallery. If you know of anyone this weekend that isnt on FB or isnt on the BEMSEE group pages, please can you point them in the right direction so they can access the photos when they are put up in a few days time. I'm not at Silverstone but will be at Snett, so if you all do the same at SIlverstone i can send the extra £4 to John if needed or add it to the Snett collection, assuming we have one. If we dont will strick it in the rider development fund with Jeremy. Thanks again Paul

  • It's a great idea Paul. We're happy to donate at every round, thanks. Scott Ogden.

  • Great idea paul see you at snett .

  • Thanks for your collecting Bens dad