Hello all which Givi tank bags fit the 2016 I don t want the XS320 15 litre...

Hello all, which Givi tank bags fit the 2016?, I don't want the XS320 15 litre bag, and I do want the tank lock system, thanks in advance.

  • I bought st602. I just want things like, wallet, sunglasses, camera etc in my tankbag.

  • the dealer is telling me the ST602 doesn't fit a versys

  • Jörgen Eriksson is that the ST602?

  • Yes

  • Bf04 flange

  • Thanks, off to talk to the muppets!

  • You sort it out?

  • Yes, once people understand that a Givi bag will fit almost any bike, the mounting ring onto the bike is the bit that changes