Hello all. Pros and cons of the teryx 4. Top speed stock. Thanks all


Hello all. Pros and cons of the teryx 4 ??? Top speed stock?? Thanks all

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  • On mine I hit the limiter before I run out of pedal. But I'm not running huge tires either

  • Thanks for the info, i appreciate it

  • No problem

  • Join team teryx they can give you extra opinions

  • I could go 65 mph with the power commander v with the limiters taken off. V force John took the limiters off, put a tune on it, and raised the rev limiter. I had the stock 26" tires on it. I now have beadlocks and 28" tires so it needs a clutch kit to get it back to 65 again. Living in Colorado doesn't help the power though.

  • If you get a 2015 or older I would just plan on tuner and shocks. Even after that it is still cheaper than a rzr 4 900. If you get a 2016 or newer I have heard the shocks and clutching are way better. Either way I would get the pcv tuner because that 50mph limiter is super annoying.

  • I went from a Rhino to a 15 T4. If you wanna win drag races, this ain't your machine. If you want a strong, comfortable, realiable, damn-near unbreakable ride that will get you there and back to camp, then this is your ride. Get a 2" lift, a winch, and when you wear out the tires get some bigger ones, and you'll be a happy lad.

  • That's what I'm looking for. I love my rhino. I have a 2 inch lift and winch and radio and led lights. Gunna hate to see it go. I test drove a 2015 Honda pioneer 1000 5 seater. Six speed auto shift or manual paddle shift on steering. Want to test a t4 now.

  • I had to pull out a Honda yesterday in a hole in was in 2wd on 31ols he was on 30 outback max

  • He got upset about little when I called it a cantam

  • I think you'll be pleased, Robert. They are torquey as hell - lotta low end grunt! Me, the Gfriend, 11yr old son and tools and a cooler full of goodies all ride comfortably! And trust me on this, that power steering will spoil you. Plus a three year warranty is pretty damn good!

  • Sweet. My wife is due in 2 months with are first and we always have my 8 yr old niece so time for a bigger ride.

  • They are definitely a fun and like Matt said they hard to break

  • I went from a polaris rzr 800 s to my brand new 13 t4 and love love the machine it's not too fast but I mainly ride the woods all of my friends have 15 and newer rzr 900 s ya they will smoke me in a drag easy lol but in the woods mine will do anything and a little more then they can plus i always get back home over and over again very tough dependable machines! I would buy one all over again.

  • Great for family of 4

  • 2015 T4 and my only complaints are it's a little loud in the cab and the heat build up in the cab. Does fill a little top heavy at times but I believe this can be fixed with a bigger wheel and tire. You sit up in these, not down like in the others. But seems very dependable. No issues so far.