hello all. I ve got an 11 650 with 13k miles. assuming normal operation


hello all. I've got an '11 650 with 13k miles. assuming normal operation (regular oil changes, commuting driving style, very little "hot-dogging") what is the expected lifespan of the engine? is it a durable design? thanks as always!

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  • Forever!

  • Going by what people have said on forums. A well cared for engine would last at LEAST 200k (km).

  • they're such sweet running little engines. I don't want to mess it up lol

  • Stick with OEM air and oil filters, and it should last a long time.

  • least on my versy, I have 52K on it. I use normal oil for it, not synthetic and so far my valves have not needed any adjustments.

  • My 07 now on 194k kilos.

  • What usually fails on this bike as the miles climb?

  • The Stator. Easy to replace, but I have seen quite a few people have them fail.

  • I thought most oil filter as long as it fits with the screw are the same

  • Nope. Many aftermarket filters have larger screen apertures, allowing larger particles to circulate. Careful research is required if you want to go aftermarket, and get the same protection. Same for air filters.