Hello all


Hello all,

For a while now ive been having back pain when riding my 2009 versys 650 mainly because i slouch so much when im riding. today i had a friend of mine recommend lowering the handle bars/front end to get my back to stay straight. I was wondering what the easiest way to do that would be. I have only had the bike since april so i dont know much about it or bikes in general since i also started riding in april. Anything helps thanks

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  • well the easiest way to lower the front would be to just pull the fork tubes up through the triple clamps. you can usually go an inch or so

  • I would think for slouching you'd want to raise the bars. A guy I know has major back problems and he has a Harley with some pretty tall ape hangers because it forces him to sit up straight and relieves the pain

  • There is a handle bar riser that adds 10 to 15mm to the height of the bars. I added one to mine and it gets you more upright. I'm sure I got it through TwistedThrottle.com

  • Its more so getting my back straight and having me sit forward more is really comfortable for me

  • Maybe just try rotating the bars forward a bit or maybe dropping your forks a bit in the trees. I bet a small adjustment may make a big difference. Other than that, I'm not real sure what else to try.

  • How about a back belt.I've been wearing one on longer trips and it helps mem

  • This. Rotate the bars forward first. Try the easy solution to see if you get close to proper.

  • Raising the bars and pulling them back will straiten you back. This is the riser (see link) I put on my '09. It raised the bars, along with pulling them back slightly, put me in a more upright position.

    http://www.twistedthrottle.com/handlebar-risers-ka wasaki-versys-650-07-by-sw-motech-silver-20mm-heig ht

  • Lowering the front of the bike will just mess up the way the bike turns. Lowering the bars will make you bend forward more, which is unlikely to help straighten your back. The cheap solution is to ride with your elbows high, like a motocross racer, which will give you better control, and tend to make you want to sit up straight. Dropped elbows led to poor posture, and less leaverage on the handlebar, thus less control capability.

  • Try this website to see what changes will do for your posture

  • The SW-MOTECH risers made Abigail difference for me, much more comfortable, more upright position.

  • And getting a lower seat? How tall are you?

  • 6'5