I'm having a problem with my Z.

When I'm in 6th gear and riding above 130Km/H the engine start to "choke" and sometimes even turns off.

Another thing that is happening with the "choke" is that the display show for a second speed drop from 130 to 7.

The bike is a little over 38Km.

On some forums I've found that the reason might be the fuel pump, but I'm not sure because I feel in my shoes some heat from the engine that I don't remember to have.

Is it possible that thete is some cooling problem?

Thanks in advance.

  • I would lean towards fuel issues too. The faster you go, the more fuel it requires to be pumped through. What temperature is the bike running at when you are at these speeds? As for heat around your shoes, check the exhaust fittings.

  • I can't check the temperature it a 2012.

    Do you have a new display?

    If I'm riding the same speed in 5th gear, shouldn't it flow more fuel?

  • Yeah I have the 2016 SX, thats why I asked about the temperature, but if you have the older display then that rules that out. My understanding is that the engine is working harder if the gear is higher, like on a pushbike. But i am no engineer, so I cant be certain. I would just be thinking fueling before heating personally

  • Well, thank you for the support.

    I've ordered the pump (just wanted to be sure) so we'll see.

  • Have you tried asking kawasaki themselves before ordering parts?

  • Yeah, I'm still waiting for the answer...

  • I do encounter similiar problem a month ago.. my rpm cant climb higher than 7.. do let me know if changing fuel pump fix the problem..

  • Yes, I had it too.

    on 6500~7000 it started to choke.

  • mine is 2012 model.. what about yours Fima Gorbich?

  • sorry.. just saw that u mentioned 2012 model.. ;)

  • So we might have the same problem..

  • T/S complete, it was the main harness.

    Folded a little bit the harness while the engine was running and it turned off the bike.

    Replaced and running like new.

    Write here your feedback after the repair.

    Good rides to you!