HEL braided brake lines and clutch line being fitted this morning at Jordan s


HEL braided brake lines and clutch line being fitted this morning at Jordan's.

Typical weather, fog, rain, 1 degree and filthy.

The bike WAS pristine this morning

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  • Full respect to u boys if ur using the full 200bhp on the roads of uk and are needin to upgrade to race lines

  • It's not about using the full 200bhp on English roads...we aren't that stupid! It's to help the braking more efficient

  • Imagine 2 people with straws drinking out of the same cup! One straw is a foot long and the other is 3 foot long! Who is gonna get a sip of pop first???

  • Indeed mate everyone enjoys adding things to bikes to make them faster and louder, over 40's also add things to make them also STOP quicker

  • I'm struggling to wrk out who shares drinks

  • It was an example you div!

  • You cant have race lines with abs and there are 4 more short hoses on the abs pump and as long as the straws are already full of liquid they'll both drink at the same time

  • Oh dear! Then Hammer & Tongs at Warrington didn't fit race lines to my z1000 special edition abs then! I think they'd say otherwise and so would I!!!

  • You can actually fit race lines to an ABS bike but in most cases you're simply bypassing the ABS pump rendering it useless

  • So race lines are 2 lines going from the master cylinder ... 1 to each calliper ... no abs pump involved

  • I'm not going comment any further till I speak to Hammer & Tongs!

  • Yep...agree.... you need the 4 lines for the abs pump to do a complete change... ring hel if you want them...labour would propably triple as well because the pump is behind the battery

  • I guessed 2014....did it have abs?

  • 5 hoses for abs model 2015

  • So....onto physics now and fluid dynamics

  • I didn't get my 4 ABS lines changed. Looking at it, they are only used when the ABS kicks in. If that is happening, how you ride may need to be looked at.

  • So all sorted for £180 good price i think

  • Yup. 200bhp isn't a lot of help when some clown in a car leaves his brain and eyeballs on the mantlepiece at home..

  • People who can't afford a ZZR...