Heading off to France via some twisty roads from Scotland tomorrow and expect...


Heading off to France via some twisty roads from Scotland tomorrow, and expect to cover 2000+mls. Point being, is I'll be touring on last year's tyres which have just over 6000mls on both front and rear. I've done a quick depth check and they're both sitting just on the good side of 3mm which I fully expect to see me through the tour.

So, if you want a recommendation for a tyre for the zzr1400 ( I ride a 2009 model ), then you won't go far wrong with Michelins PR4 standard.

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  • I was in Bastogne couple of weeks ago Lee England

  • Tor I will be putting GT on the next change

  • The Michelin Pilot Road 4GT only has stiffer sidewalls, it doesn't have a different compound so won't last longer than the standard PR4. The GT is made for big tourers hence the stiffer sidewalls and as such Michelin do not recommend them be fitted to the ZZR1400.

    They will be ok fitted to the Zed but you won't gain any longevity over the standard PR4.

  • Okey Lee. Anyway im also running on mpr4gt. :)

  • Nothing wrong with them Tor.

  • he he,i know,on my 2 pear now. :))

  • Pirelli Angel GT

  • Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT. The Pirelli Angel GT is the touring version of the ST.

  • C'mon .....change a tyre with 3mm minimum still showing! Behave

  • Have a good one Tam and dont forget the photos.

  • bring it back with you.

  • 2350mls covered over countless twists, turns, and hairpins in the Alps, and tyres still got a good 1000ml left before illegal.

    Think I know what I'll be replacing them with

  • Have the same on mine