Head gasket leak. Womp womp womp. Lol


Head gasket leak... Womp womp womp...Lol

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  • I smeared three bond 1211 on gasket, very thin. DON'T JUDGE ME! Lmfao

  • Cometic was the correct answer

  • Cometic is better then winderosa? With my son's lt500r , guys swear by winderosa and say cometic is junk. Idk, however.

  • What brand do you prefer?

  • Sorry to say but OEM is at the very bottom of my list. I also loathe scraping paper gaskets. I am also a Cometic dealer and I get a good price and custom gaskets when I am getting froggy. We also run a custom base gasket with small KIPS hole so the KIPS spacers shim the valve up and don't wear on the case that u can't replace.

  • Alex Ward, so what you're saying is cometic is the way to go? Lol

  • I'll have to keep that in mind for my 87 motor. Thank you

  • Usually install them dry?

  • Yup

  • I have sprayed the head gaskets with copper attack however I have asked Cometic if it is necessary and they said it is not so six one-way half dozen the other I just try it out to see if it makes any difference in the sealing however with a cometic head gasket I personally have never had one fail.

  • Copper tack

  • I used that on mine when it leak during test..first I torqued the had a few more pounds, didn't work. Went to spray, torqued it and tested it next day, it was good. Ran one heat cycles with no leaks, went to kick it two days later, noticed a couple small drops. I can't Win sometimes. Lol

  • I surface planed the head on glass with #800 grit and wd40 as well as top of cylinder. Cleaned well and all. I don't get it. I'm jinxed I tell ya. :)

  • Might have had a crack too

  • I couldn't find any evidence of one. Held 10#'s for over ten minutes on leak down test too. I got spooked when I saw a tiny drip. Probably could've torqued the head down a smidge and been fine but...

  • I didn't see the drip when it was running. I only ran one heat cycle and there was no leaks. Two days later, I tried kicking it over and noticed the little drop on right side of head. The gasket appeared to be seated all the way around too, I couldn't find one spot where it wasn't making contact but the tiny spec of coolant I was seeing wouldn't take much to get through.

  • 1500# ? Wow,I didn't think that fine of paper. Thanks

  • You do not need to polish it. It needs to be able to grip the gasket. I do not go that fine. I can do an in depth check for cracks if you like. Have you also checked it with a straight edge? What type of sealant did u try and have tried it with no sealant?

  • I checked with my father's straight edge, he was a tool die gauge maker/machinist.

    I used the gasket dry first, didn't pass leak test, torqued head a little, got better but still leaked, removed gasket, applied that spray copper sealer to both sides of gasket, passed leak test, ran a heat cycle, no leaks, two days later noticed a couple small drips after kicking it. Wouldn't fire up, removed carb when removed head gasket and found pilot jet was clogged up. Waiting for three bond 1211 to dry before checking again. I applied the three bond very thin to both sides of gasket this time around with barely any at all seepage from around edges, very thin. Should hold, I hope. Lol

  • Has anyone had a problem with OEM? Its usually my personal preference.

  • Nothing was getting into cylinder, just mixed gas. Lol

  • base gaskets blown out

  • I think so. Maybe I need a new torque wrench. :)

  • I used three bond 1211, used a acid brush to apply it then smeared off the excess. Very thin and probably unnecessary coat. Lol

  • I'm waiting three days before filling with coolant or trying to kick it again.

  • Every cylinder I've installed had a tiny amount of air leak, under cylinder at intake, where cases split. Wouldn't show up on leak test but when sprayed with soapy water would bubble a little. I've always had to use a tiny bit of sealant there.

  • I thought about doing that. My father was a machinist, I use to watch him when, I was young, working on his bike. He was excellent with a file. Lol

  • Check your head bolt studs, they slowly pull threads out over time, especially if it has a milled head and or run on pump gas. I've had to drill out and helicoil the cylinder on a few and does the trick and lasts. Even with proper torque and gasket it will eventually leak again.

  • I had them out. The threads seem good and I used loctite to reinstall them.

  • I hope I don't have to use any more sealant.Lol

  • That back tire looks like a Bridgestone battlecross.

  • Plus from the head got overtightened then it is possible the stud chambers had been fractured and compromised the water jacket by allowing the pressure and liquid escape through the stud chamber . You will know if it's even slightly damaged by a crusty gummy buildup around the where the nuts hold the head to the studs. Or head gasket could be upside down. But likely as stated prior studs could use a helicoil installed on one or more of them. I think they're 8 X 1.25 mm. Good luck

  • They're fine. Only torqued a few pounds over.