Having a tough time starting up with the push button start Thank goodness for...

Having a tough time starting up with the push button start. Thank goodness for the kick start. So, I'm guessing my starter is bad on my 2000 dubya?

  • Turning over slow? Not at all?

  • Not at all

  • No click noises?

  • When I first got mine. Tried kick starting with the clutch open. Took me a while. Doh!

  • Dennis Guggemos it makes the usually starter noise but never fully starts the engine

  • What condition is the battery? Are the gauges operating properly?

  • Dennis Guggemos Battery is fine. Voltage is right where it should be. Gauges work fine. When I press it down it just makes the starter noise and nothing else.

  • Ok, wish I could be of more help, I'm stumped too.

  • My guess is the starter clutch.

  • Jeff, battery first please. 99% of bad start on W650 (and most bikes) are battery related. To eliminate the batt possibility, use booster cables connected to your car (do NOT start the engine, it could blow the bike's coils and EI). If it starts on the button, get a new battery. problem fixed.

  • Battery might not be as fine as it looks.

  • battery! If you have less than 11 or 10 v! had the same problem, now my motobatt is always 12.8v

  • The other issue could be a poor earth connection.

  • It's usually the battery. And a voltage check is inadequate to determine battery status.