Having a real issue with an oil leak from the cooler on my 89 ZX10 I have...


Having a real issue with an oil leak from the cooler on my 89 ZX10, I have replaced the sealing washer gaskets and one joint will not seal. Driving me nuts, anybody had a similar issue?

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  • try a different bolt sometimes they end up warped

  • Should have made this clear on the pic. The leak is from the top washer between the banjo and cooler.

  • Check the bit it screws into , I've seen the nut part with hiarline crack do similar from over tightening

  • The hair line crack is a common fault they inherited from The GPZ 900. I will bet my boots that's where it's coming from .

  • I am leaning towards this, will take the cooler off completely next weekend and inspect closely, cant really get a good look lying on my back!!

  • its the line not the fitting gpz 900 a1 owner since 1984

  • Some times you can't see it because it's due to over tightening it will close when you undo the banjo. Wipe it clean and the let it tick over you will see where it's coming from, good luck.

  • Had same problem and found hairline crack, dont overtighten on new cooler.

  • Sadly can now confirm it is a hairline crack.

  • Yeh, do not over tighten your new one : )

  • I have a cunning plan, have seen an aftermarket oil cooler on fleabay that will do the job. Roughly the same dimensions and comes with hoses. Brand new for the same price as a grotty 28 year old original from a breaker, without the same connection issues

  • Hi Derek, don't know if yoy have solved the problem but I had a similar issue with one of my GPZ900Rs. I used PTFE tape on the threads of the banjo bolt and that solved the leak.

  • I didn't consider that, have gone down the route of an aftermarket cooler rather than paying the same amount from a breaker for a second hand flawed design. Will post pics once its on.