• Have anyone seen portals on a rex older than 12 model I know they fit 12 and...

    Have anyone seen portals on a rex older than 12 model? I know they fit 12 and up pending the body. Also did the hubs change in those models or just the axle ends? I ask because I have an 09 and want 6in portals and just looking what i'm looking at putting them on my bike.

    • I don't have to have portals. Would just like more clearance than the lil ol bracket lift

    • From what I've found for in stock its catvos or at least already have plans from doing one.

    • Well what's the difference in the suspension between 08 and 09? I've got 2 - 08's and love them but all I can find is the lil ol bracket lifts

    • That i don't know i think its just axles. From what I understand we can swap axles just not axle pcs

    • Hmmmmm. That's about my luck. May have to do some checking into it then

    • Ya I've only seen 1 08 and it looked the same didn't measure anything. I've only seen a few 09s there mainly 10+

    • Ya u rite about that. Not many older ones

    • Like I said I've got 2 08's. Lol. Made lots of upgrades to the camo one since the pic tho