Have anyone changed the gearing at their z1000sx 6 gear is rater low at...

Have anyone changed the gearing at their z1000sx. 6. gear is rater low at touring speed. Think about to change the front/back sprocket to get lower rpm. How result do you get? Anyone done it with succes and can recommend?

  • Im running 16 front and 39 rear. at high speed >150 km/h the bike is running 12 km/h over the speedometer reading.

  • I advise not to tinker so much for top end.. Stock 15/ 41 i change to 17/ 41.. On the high way it,s a blast. Thou slower acceleration. The worse part is in cornering the bike have totally lost all engine breaking. Now running 16/41. Abit better now.

  • Thank you for advices ✌️✌

  • Changed front sprocket to 16.

    Feels more "right" for my use than original setup. :)

    2015 Z1000.

  • Any special sprocket for front? with rubber on one of the side ?